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The Association for Sustainable Development of Istria - D3


The Association for Sustainable Development of Istria was founded in September 2005 in Portorož with the purpose of promoting Istrian cultural and natural heritage.


The objectives of the Society are:

  • Exploring movable and immovable heritage, material and intangible cultural heritage and the natural treasures of Istria.
  • To strengthen the self-esteem of the people, raise awareness and to connect, enforce ethical principles.
  • To bring cultural heritage back from oblivion and to place it within the modern life. Developing cuisine based on tradition and natural gifts of Istria, grown in gardens, harvested in the meadows, forests and salterns.
  • Development of natural management and opening of new ways of survival. Developing nature compatible tourism.
  • The society brings together ecologicali aware individuals with a variety of skills and professional orientations. The activities of the Society are based on the discovery of overlooked and forgotten values, therefore, there is a lot of field work - picking herbs, spices and forest fruits, taking photos of indigenous and rare plants, cultural landscape elements, reviewing of archival material, testing of old culinary recipes, creating new products. Society members attend trade fairs in the old towns and villages across Istria and the rest of Slovenia.

Society members are creatively active because they want to demonstrate, in an illustrative way, that products made from domestic raw materials and according to old recipes are better and more original than industrial ones.


  • Valter Pikel
  • Nada Kozina
  • Slavica Franiševič Kogoj
  • Marko Kocjančič
  • Katja Knez