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Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Poreč


The narrower field of research and other activities of the Institute for Agriculture and Tourism are Viticulture and Enology, olive growing, vegetable production, agrotourism and tourism in rural areas. The activities of the Institute include scientific, educational and professional work in the field of biotechnological and social sciences, biotechnology and economics. The task of the institute is scientific research work in the field of tourism, primarily for the preservation and development of agriculture in rural areas and for the use of scientific research results in practice.

The following are active within the institute: Institute for Food and Agriculture (scientific research and professional work in the field of biotechnological science), Institute of Economics and Agricultural Development (family agriculture, planning and protection of space), Institute of Tourism (development, economics and organization of rural tourism in Istria), Technology Development Centre (development projects, designing of products and technologies, the development of infrastructure for the development of the economy) and experimental agricultural land (scientific research and professional work, agricultural land, wine cellar with a miniature vinification, a miniature oil-extraction plant, a miniature brewery).

The Genetics Laboratory of the Institute of Food and Agriculture carries out DNA analysis with microsatellites. The purpose of the laboratory is to perform the analyses necessary for the formation and maintenance of experimental plantations and the gene bank of indigenous species of vines, olives and other crops. The laboratory also performs molecular (DNA) analysis for gene identification and the formation of a database of indigenous varieties of vines and olive trees.


  • dr. Dean Ban
  • mag. Ninoslav Luk
  • dr. Marin Krapac
  • Elvino Šetić
  • Marina Lukić
  • dr. Sara Godena