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Municipality Vižinada-Visinada


The municipality of Vižinada-Visinada is a unit of the local self-government, established in accordance with the Law on counties, cities and municipalities in the Republic of Croatia. The municipality of Vižinada is located in the central part of the western coastal region of the peninsula Istria. It measures 36.10 km2 and according to the population census of 2001, has a population of 1,137.

The municipality, within the local government, carries out activities of a local character, which directly meet the needs of the residents which, by constitution or laws, are not in the jurisdiction of state authorities, mainly activities related to: urban planning and housing policy, spatial and urban planning, communal activities, child care and social care, primary health care, upbringing and basic education, culture, physical culture and sports; consumer protection, conservation and protection of the natural environment, fire protection and civil protection.

In accordance with the law, the statute further regulates: activities in the field of local self-government, municipality symbols, public recognitions, equal official use of language and script of national minorities, forms of cooperation of the units of local self-government at home and abroad, internal organization, jurisdictions and work methods of municipal authorities, the direct participation of citizens in decision-making, property, financing and official documents of the Municipality; the commencement of validity of the Statute and the control regulation as well as other matters relevant to the exercising of rights and obligations in the field of self-governmental activities of the Municipality.


  • mag. Marko Ferenac

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