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University of Ljubljana (Biotechnical faculty)

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The Biotechnical Faculty is a member of the University of Ljubljana (UL). The faculty has various university undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes and conducts research, professional and consulting work in the areas of biology, microbiology, nutrition, agriculture, forestry, fishing and related technologies – wood and food industry as well as biotechnology. The Faculty employs about 600 people. Nearly 3.000 students are enrolled at the faculty.

The Department of Food Science and Technology is one of seven departments at the Faculty of Biotechnology. It is the operator of university undergraduate and post-graduate studies in food technology, now food science and nutrition, and microbiology. The research activity of the department is organised and carried out within three groups or research programs: Integrated Food Science and Nutrition, Microbiology and Biotechnology of foods and the environment and Biochemical and Biophysical-chemical characterization of natural substances.

The research activity of the program groups, among other things, includes the analysis of the content and the biological effects of secondary plant metabolites. Methods for the encapsulation of biologically active components in foods are being developed. Antifungal and antibacterial effects of plant extracts are being tested. The Department of Food Science is trying to apply the knowledge gained in various fields such as microbiology and biotechnology of foods and environment, in the development of new bioprocess technologies and thus enrich the educational process within the university and beyond.


  • dr. Nataša Poklar Ulrih
  • Ajda Ota
  • dr. Blaž Cigić
  • dr. Helena Abramovič
  • dr. Mihaela Skrt
  • dr. Sonja Smole Možina
  • dr. Nina Gunde-Cimerman